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A Private Disability Policy is Better than an Employer Provided Policy

Long-term disability benefit lawyers Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss private individual disability policies versus employer provided policies. Private policies are almost always more favorable to your disability benefits. Private policies allow you as the consumer to choose options, coverages, and terms. Group or employer policies are sold to your employer and designed to cover a very broad group of people. Group policies are also governed by The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which is more favorable to insurance companies. The benefit to ERISA policies is that the premium is often less, but you are missing out on better coverage.

Also, the laws that apply are different. Private plans allow you to file a lawsuit and have a better chance of additional money or damages, and also covers you regardless of your occupation or who you work for. ERISA policies limit your recovery of benefits and will end once you are no longer an employee for your prior employer.

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