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Tips To Help You Avoid a Denial of Your Disability Benefit by Lincoln Financial Lincoln Financial is notorious for finding ways to deny disability insurance benefit claims. Even if Lincoln Financial initially approves your claim, the company continues to monitor your medical condition and seizes on any opportunity to deny your claim and decide you […]

Each long term disability insurance policy can be a bit different, even those that are issued by the same disability insurance carrier. Lincoln Financial recently took over Liberty Mutual, and in the process, took on responsibility for many of the short term disability policies Liberty issued and administrated. Because of this, Lincoln Financial can operate […]

Judge rules favorably for the claimant after Lincoln National Life Insurance Company denied the claim at that change in definition of disability. GREGORY DELL: Hi I’m Greg Dell with Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, and today Alexander Palamara and I are going to discuss a recent case that came out of the Oklahoma federal court. It […]

When it comes to long term disability insurance, claims often end in denial by companies such as Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. This leaves disabled policyholders with few options for moving on with their lives. But a recent case out of Oklahoma Federal Court is a reminder that victory is entirely possible for the claimant. […]

In Jamie S. Flanagan v. The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Plaintiff was a nurse practitioner who was unable to work after a lumbar fusion failed and left her with nerve root scarring. She also had spondylolisthesis. Her employer had a welfare benefit plan which included long term disability (LTD) coverage. Lincoln approved her claim […]

In this video, Disability Insurance Attorneys Alex Palamara and Gregory Dell discuss the issues with a recent case in which Dell & Schaefer Attorney Alex Palamara was successful in an ERISA appeal for his client against Lincoln Financial. Mr. Palamara was able to prove the negligence of Lincoln Financial for failing to properly investigate a […]

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