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In this video long term disability attorneys Cesar Gavidia and Gregory Dell discuss the first steps you need to take following a Sun Life disability benefit denial. We have helped hundreds of Sun Life disability claimants and we always offer a free immediate consultation with an attorney. Learn more about the long term disability denial […]

A lot of people think that they are disabled if they can’t do their own job, but your disability policy may have language that your job must be considered as it is performed in the national economy and not how it is performed for your employer.

When you apply for long term disability you must be disabled while you are still employed. There are many people that get fired due to poor performance as they try to continue working with a disability. Even though you tried to continue working with a disability and were fired, it may still be possible to […]

The disability insurance attorneys at Dell Disability Lawyers have seen many attempts by insurance companies to mislead a claimant’s treating physician, essentially tricking the doctor into making a statement that gives the insurance carrier a reason to deny the claim. What should claimants do to protect against this? Below are some of the lessons we’ve […]

At Dell Disability Lawyers, we’ve helped thousands of long term disability claimants successfully appeal denials of their claims – and one of the most common reasons for these claim denials involves video surveillance. Even if you’ve never noticed an insurance representative lurking around your house, video surveillance of claimants is so common that it’s not […]

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