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Long-term disability benefit lawyers Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss the denial of short term disability benefits even when long-term disability benefits are approved, even by the same insurance company. This is an odd situation but short and long term disability policies are often separate, and the individuals who handle short-term and long-term disability claims […]

Disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss why New York Life denies disability insurance benefits when your definition of disability changes from your occupation to any occupation. We provide some tips to prepare for the change of definition so that you can avoid disability denial.

In this video long term disability insurance denial lawyers Cesar Gavidia and Gregory Dell discuss what to expect if your Lincoln Financial disability insurance claim is denied. We discuss the immediate steps to take and how our lawyers can help to get your Lincoln disability benefits paid.

  Guardian insurance company used a deceptive attending physician statement which gave a treating doctor no option other than a minimum capability of sedentary work. Our client had an extensive medical history and Guardian still denied her disability benefits.

Internal medicine and family practice doctors work long hours in their office. They see patients with all types of problems. Many they treat. Other patients may be referred to another physician. The practice is as much physically taxing as it is intellectually demanding. This creates stress.

Zurich is a large insurance company that has been around since the 1800’s, but disability insurance is a very small part of their business. In this video long term disability attorneys Alex Palamara and Gregory Dell discuss what you should expect if your Zurich long term disability insurance claim has been denied.

It has always been challenging for accountants to have their disability insurance claims approved. The disability companies look at a Dictionary of Occupational Titles which classifies the job as a sedentary one. According to this Dictionary, all it takes to be an accountant is to sit at a desk four hours a day. Wouldn’t that […]

Long term disability lawyers Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss why it is important to understand how your long term disability insurance company thinks. In this video, we discuss the importance of having specific legal strategies for each disability insurance company. A claimant that knows everything they can about their disability company will be in […]

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