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It has always been challenging for accountants to have their disability insurance claims approved. The disability companies look at a Dictionary of Occupational Titles which classifies the job as a sedentary one. According to this Dictionary, all it takes to be an accountant is to sit at a desk four hours a day. Wouldn’t that […]

Long term disability lawyers Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss why it is important to understand how your long term disability insurance company thinks. In this video, we discuss the importance of having specific legal strategies for each disability insurance company. A claimant that knows everything they can about their disability company will be in […]

Long term disability lawyers Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss the importance of presenting evidence that supports your disabling medical conditions. Many claimants unfortunately think that if their doctor says they are disabled then the disability insurance company will approve the claim. In this video we discuss how disability insurance companies will review your medical […]

When emergency room physicians file a claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits, they frequently face claims representatives who have no idea what the job of an ER doctor entails. They often misclassify the occupation as one that either “light or heavy duty” with no real understanding of what the workday is like.

Long-term disability benefit lawyers Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss private individual disability policies versus employer provided policies. Private policies are almost always more favorable to your disability benefits. Private policies allow you as the consumer to choose options, coverages, and terms. Group or employer policies are sold to your employer and designed to cover […]

When OB-GYN doctors apply for long term disability (LTD) benefits, they generally do not realize they are dealing with a claims examiner who really has no idea of what the daily practice entails. This is true even if the examiner is a female who thinks she knows what duties are involved in such a practice.

Anesthesiologist Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Claim Information Tips for Claim Approval The field of anesthesiology is broad. Some anesthesiologists work in operating rooms. Some specialize in working only on certain types of surgeries, like orthopedics, neurosurgery, obstetrics, or some other type. Others work in pain management. There are different job descriptions for whichever subspecialty […]

Many working Americans know that it’s a good idea to have life insurance to protect their spouse and dependents in the event of their untimely death. But with around 61 million Americans living with a disability, for many, having disability income protection can be even more important than life insurance. If you’re worried about what might happen […]

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