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Getting approved for Unum disability benefits is only step 1 in the process, as Unum will continue to determine your eligibility for long term disability benefits on a monthly basis. Disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell & Stephen Jessup provide tips about what you should expect every month with a Unum long term disability claim and […]

Once you’re approved for your UNUM long term disability claim, you may feel as though you’ve crossed an important finish line. But in many cases, a UNUM disability claim approval is only the beginning of a much longer process. Learn more about the ins and outs of receiving disability benefits under a UNUM long term disability policy, as well as what UNUM […]

As one of the largest long term disability insurance companies in the world, Unum is in a unique position to offer policy features that its rivals don’t. Specifically, it’s one of the only providers that engage in what is known as a lump sum disability buyout. What that means for policyholders can be complicated, as […]

When a court of law weighs in on a denied disability benefit, it can go either way. This was especially true with a recent Unum disability claim denial in which a woman suddenly lost her benefits after receiving them for nine years. Fortunately, the judge ruled in favor of the disabled beneficiary in this case […]

Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer has handled thousands of Appeals against UNUM. Learn what the most important thing a UNUM policy holder needs to know before filing an appeal. GREGORY DELL: Hi, I’m attorney Greg Dell here with attorney Stephen Jessup. And we want to talk about Unum appeals, some of the dos and […]

New Hampshire Court holds that Unum properly terminated LTD benefits based on self-reported pain limitation clause in policy even though Plaintiff provided objective proof of disability through a positive trigger point test.

Unum Claimant receives over $103,000 in SSDI payments and Unum files lawsuit seeking repayment of disability benefits. Court Order Claimant to Pay Unum $103,963.30. A Michigan Federal court recently entered a court Order against a Unum disability claimant and former employee of Allegis Group Inc. The Unum claimant submitted a claim for long term disability […]

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