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Disability attorneys Gregory Dell & Cesar Gavidia discuss how Prudential uses video surveillance and social media to deny long term disability insurance benefits. We provide some disability claim tips in order to help you understand when, where and how Prudential will record you. We also discuss things you can do so that you don’t need […]

Prudential long term disability benefit denials are unfortunately common. Our long term disability lawyers have reviewed thousands of Prudential disability denials. We briefly discuss the immediate and important things that our lawyers do immediately after a Prudential denial. We discuss the importance of reviewing the denial letter, disability policy and claim file.  

Ever since your Prudential long term disability insurance claim was approved, you may have wondered when your policy buyout offer is coming. Indeed, many long term disability claims are terminated early with a lump sum settlement offer instead of regular monthly payments. But this process isn’t automatic, and the decision whether to accept a lump […]

Prudential denies disability insurance benefits to an engineer with impairment to his thought processes and executive functioning which decreased his ability to function in his high level occupation as a development engineer. GREGORY DELL: Hi, I’m Greg Dell here with attorney Cesar Gavidia. And Cesar, this is a case we’re going to discuss that recently […]

No matter how long you’ve been on disability insurance, your insurance company can evaluate and discontinue your disability insurance benefits at any time. So it’s paramount to be ready for them to take it away. Even if you’ve been collecting disability insurance for a decade or more, your insurance company can discontinue it by administering […]

In this video Attorneys Gregory Dell & Rachel Alters discuss the process of filing an ERISA lawsuit with Prudential. For an ERISA lawsuit to be filed there is first a timeline of claim deadlines, and if you don’t file within that deadline, the Court can dismiss your case on the basis that the Statute of […]

Bank of New York Mellon employee and two others were recently forced to file a lawsuit against Prudential after being denied disability benefits. With the help of disability attorneys from New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, each of these claimants will have their day in court.

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