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Anesthesiologist Long Term Disability Insurance Claim Information Tips for Claim Approval

Anesthesiologist Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Claim Information Tips for Claim Approval

The field of anesthesiology is broad. Some anesthesiologists work in operating rooms. Some specialize in working only on certain types of surgeries, like orthopedics, neurosurgery, obstetrics, or some other type. Others work in pain management. There are different job descriptions for whichever subspecialty the anesthesiologist chooses.

Disability insurance companies are notorious for trying not to pay claims. They seem to go the extra mile in that avoidance when dealing with medical doctors, particularly with anesthesiologists. At Dell Disability Lawyers, we have some tips for helping anesthesiologists gain claim approval.

The Specific Duties of the Occupation will be Highly Scrutinized

In order to have a disability claim approved, anesthesiologists must prove they can no longer perform the substantial and material duties of their occupation. They need to emphasize that when they are in the OR, they cannot leave. They are responsible for the life of the patient. Even a momentary lapse in attention can have a disastrous result.

When anesthesiologists get to a point that they are unable to continue giving their patients their undivided attention or have intractable pain, perhaps unable to stand for long periods of time, the lives of patients that are in their hands are at risk. Pain can prevent them from giving 100 percent attention to their patients. Disability insurance companies should not be the ones to tell them, “Get back in that OR and do your job.”

Whatever subspecialty the anesthesiologist is working in, it is imperative to provide a detailed job description to the insurance company. The description should be very explicit and detailed reciting exactly and completely what the anesthesiologist’s specific job entails.

The National Economy Definition of Disability Does Not Apply for Anesthesiologists

Insurance companies generally rely on a definition of disability based on how the job is performed in the national economy. This ignores what may be the actual job duties of the anesthesiologist. An anesthesiologist should never accept the disability company’s general description of the occupational duties.

At Dell Disability Lawyers, we will find an anesthesiologist who can give us expert testimony concerning the job description of an anesthesiologist in the national economy versus the job description for the specific anesthesiologist who is attempting to be approved for his or her disability claim.

Anesthesiologists Must Support Their LTD Claim with Medical Documentation

Doctors in general do not want to give up their practice. They work through the pain and avoid having their medical condition documented. Finally, they get to a point where they can no longer work but their medical records are lacking evidence of their disability.

It is important for anesthesiologists who are contemplating filing a claim for disability to get appropriate medical treatment. A diagnosis of a medical condition is not enough. They must show how that medical condition prevents them from performing their duties as an anesthesiologist.

If you are planning to apply for LTD benefits or are in the middle of fighting for your benefits, contact one of our disability attorneys at Dell Disability Lawyers to schedule a free consultation. We help people no matter where they live in the country.

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