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Back Pain and Long Term Disability Benefits

Long term disability attorney Gregory Dell has helped thousands of people with back disorders to obtain long term disability benefits. In this video Attorney Dell discusses what you should expect in a back disorder disability claim and provides tips for proving you are disabled due to a back disorder. Greg addresses the following questions:

1) How do you get objective evidence of a back disorder to support your claim?
2) What type of doctor or doctors should you treat with for a back disorder?
3) What is the best type of objective evidence to prove a back disorder?
4) Do you need to get an MRI of your back?
5) Should you get an EMG or Nerve Conduction test of your lower extremity?
6) Why is it important to consult with a pain management specialist such as an anesthesiologist or physiatrist?
7) Do you need to take pain medications in order to have your claim approved?
8) What other types of therapy for back do you need to undergo?
9) How important are the notes in your medical records?
10) How is a daily symptom and pain journal helpful?
11) Why is it important to have a strong medical team taking care of you?

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