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How Do Disability Insurance Companies Evaluate Your Occupation?

Long term disability lawyers Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss how long term disability insurance companies will interpret the definition of “Your occupation”. We explain how disability insurance companies will minimize the duties of your occupation to the point where if you can sit in a chair, then they think you can work. We discuss the job classifications of sedentary, light, medium and heavy duty work and why they should not be used to evaluate your long term disability insurance claim.

We also discuss the weakness of vocational consultants hired by disability insurance companies and why you should have your own expert vocational consultant. On our website we have created videos and lots of information about long term disability claims related to your specific occupation. We want you to be educated about the entire long term disability insurance claim process.

  • How do disability insurance companies evaluate your occupation?
  • Why is understanding your occupation in a disability insurance policy completely different than the definition of “occupation” in a social security disability claim?
  • How do most disability companies determine and evaluate the duties of “your occupation”?
  • Why is important for your lawyer to understand your occupation and how do we present evidence of your occupation?
  • Why are vocational consultant reports from disability insurance companies unreliable?

Learn more about this topic and your occupation on our website: https://www.diattorney.com/your-occupation-and-disability-benefits/

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