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How Does Hartford Long Term Disability Work?

A frequent question we get asked at our disability insurance law firm is, “How does Hartford long term disability (LTD) work?” Getting approved for LTD is not as easy as just filling out a claim form and sending it in to the company. You must supply adequate medical evidence to support your claim that you are unable to perform your job duties. Even if approved, you will not receive 100 percent of your normal salary.

Importance of Policy Language

Not all Hartford long term disability insurance policies are the same. The first step in determining how LTD will work for you depends on the policy language of your specific policy. Each policy is different, and your coverage depends on what policy your employer purchased. That sets the tone of what to expect going forward.

Amount of Disability Income to Expect if Approved

If your claim is approved, the amount of disability insurance benefit you can expect to receive is a percentage of your pre-disability earnings. The percentage depends on the language in your specific policy. Generally, this is 60 percent of your pre-disability earnings.

When approved, you will potentially be able to collect benefits until your full Social Security retirement age. This may not be true if your policy contains limitations for mental health conditions or certain physical conditions. This also does not mean that Hartford cannot, at some point, decide to deny you benefits.

Medical Information Required to Support Your Claim

Generally, in order to be approved for LTD benefits for your first 24 months of disability, you must submit as much medical evidence as you can to show that your medical condition prevents you from performing the duties of your own occupation. Your doctors will need to fill out forms, you will need to submit your medical records, and your employer will need to submit a statement about what your job entails.

After 24 months, most policies then require you to provide medical documentation that you are unable to work in any occupation based upon your training, education, and experience.

We meticulously submit all information we know Hartford needs in order to avoid a disability insurance claim denial.

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