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How Should You Present Your Medical Condition in a Long Term Disability Claim?

Long term disability lawyers Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss the importance of presenting evidence that supports your disabling medical conditions. Many claimants unfortunately think that if their doctor says they are disabled then the disability insurance company will approve the claim. In this video we discuss how disability insurance companies will review your medical records and provide tips for how to build strong medical evidence in support of your long term disability insurance claim.

Every medical condition requires specific medical evidence and we encourage you to search our youtube channel and website for tips and information that is specific to your medical condition. We represent clients nationwide and we encourage you to contact any of our long term disability lawyers for a free immediate consultation.

We have a list of disabling conditions and information about the disability claim for each of them on our website.

  • Why is it important to work with a long term disability lawyer that has experience with your disabling medical condition?
  • Disability insurance companies are reviewing your medical records to look for missing medical evidence as a basis to deny your long term disability benefits
  • You should always review your medical record notes after each and every doctor visit
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