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Is UNUM a Good Disability Insurance Company?

UNUM is one of the biggest long term disability insurance carriers in the world, which means here at Dell Disability Lawyers, we see UNUM disability insurance claim denial letters every week. Like all insurance carriers, UNUM has some quirks and unique processes it employs when reviewing a long term disability insurance claim. Read on to learn more about what we’ve seen in past UNUM disability claims and what claimants should be able to expect from the process.

UNUM will get in touch with claimants quickly

Almost as soon as UNUM receives a claimant’s application for long term disability benefits, one of its front-line claims representatives will reach out to the claimant by phone to ask some questions. Most of these questions will sound familiar – by looking for any inconsistencies in how you answer the questions over the phone and how you answered them in your written disability insurance application, the disability insurance claims representative may believe they have grounds to deny a claim without much further review.

UNUM expects claimants to get back to work

As one of the giants in the world of long term disability insurance, UNUM has no shortage of charts and online health tools that can tell it when claimants “should” be able to go back to work. But each recovery process is different, and two claimants with the same condition may take very different paths based on factors like their age, health, family history, lifestyle, and family support. UNUM disability insurance claimants should be aware that once they pass the time by which UNUM expects them to be “recovered” and they have not returned to work, their disability insurance claim is likely to be reviewed again and the claimant may need to re-prove their entitlement to benefits.

UNUM’s roundtable review process is unusual

UNUM engages in a somewhat unique review process when evaluating a UNUM disability insurance  claim. Instead of having a ladder-shaped review process by which each reviewer builds on the findings of others below, UNUM will gather its claims representatives, a nurse, a doctor, and sometimes an occupational specialist in a roundtable meeting (or Zoom call) to discuss the merits of a particular case. This can make the disability review process more like a negotiation or even a mediation between various UNUM representatives and employees than a true review of the UNUM disability claim presented.

It’s a good idea for claimants to seek advice from a disability insurance attorney early in the claim, especially when dealing with an insurance carrier as large and efficient as UNUM. From initial inconsistencies in the first telephone call to an incomplete medical history, UNUM will seize on any possible reason it can for a disability insurance denial. By enlisting the help of a long term disability attorney (like a member of the skilled team at disability insurance law firm Dell Disability Lawyers), you’ll be on a more level playing field. Take advantage of a FREE consultation with an attorney who speaks the unique language of the insurance industry and can help you prove that you’re entitled to benefits.


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