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Long-Time Clients and Neuro-Psych Evaluations: A Case Study

No matter how long you’ve been on disability insurance, your insurance company can evaluate and discontinue your disability insurance benefits at any time. So it’s paramount to be ready for them to take it away. Even if you’ve been collecting disability insurance for a decade or more, your insurance company can discontinue it by administering a neuro-psych evaluation.

This test’s goal is for the insurance company to find veritable cause to discontinue your disability insurance. Even in this particular case discussed in this video, the client had collected disability insurance benefits for 12 years before Prudential requested the assessment. Indeed, it’s MORE common for insurance companies to conduct this test amongst customers who have collected insurance for an extended amount of time than it is for them to administer the evaluation amongst newer candidates. It’s as if they decide your time is up, it’s been too long, and decide to jettison your benefits with the snap of a finger. Don’t be caught off guard if you’ve had a steady run of insurance benefits only to be asked for a neuro-psych evaluation. It’s particularly common with Prudential.

The claimant in this video had been paid insurance for 12 years and upon being declared cognitively limited, he fought Prudential Insurance and WON. The court dismissed the neuro-psych evaluation because the claimant had the support from 3 treating physicians and the questionnaire was found to be subjective and incorrect. Fortunately, the fact that he had been collecting disability insurance benefits for 12 years before being administered this test worked in his favor, and Prudential’s abrupt off-loading looked unfounded to the judge.

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