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What Claimants Should Know About Receiving Chubb Disability Benefits

If you have a long term disability policy through Chubb, you may be wondering what you’ll need to do to secure your claim for benefits. At Dell & Schaefer, our nationwide team of skilled long term disability insurance attorneys have helped thousands of claimants recover benefits from Chubb and other nationwide insurance carriers. Read on to hear more about the tips we’ve learned over the years to help secure long term disability benefits for our clients.

Your Chubb Policy Language is Crucial

Most Chubb long term disability insurance policies tend to focus on specialty occupations like doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other professionals whose job duties have unique physical requirements. Chubb policies will provide disability benefits if the claimant is no longer able to perform the “substantial material duties” of their occupation – but for these specialty occupations, defining the substantial material duties can sometimes be a challenge. Claimants may be required to show not only that their disability prevents them from performing some crucial aspect of their profession, but also that they can’t easily shift into a substantially similar job.

Chubb long term disability policies also include strict time limits for filing, and a claimant who seeks benefits outside this window may find their claim denied on that basis alone. This is one of many reasons it’s important for claimants to seek legal counsel early in the disability process – these quick time limits can make it tough for claimants to put together a comprehensive disability claim without some outside help.

Your Chubb Claim Will Be Handled by a Third Party Administrator

Chubb outsources the administration of its long term disability claims to a separate administrator that deals exclusively in this type of insurance. This can provide some efficiency in that claimants are dealing with claims investigators who handle only long term disability claims, as opposed to a more general investigator who works with all types of claims. However, this doesn’t mean the claims investigator is familiar with the language of a specific claimant’s policy, and Chubb disability policies are individualized enough that they often require some careful reading.

An Immediate Lawsuit Isn’t Always the Best Option

Although most claimants who receive a denial letter from Chubb want to sue immediately, and rightfully so, this isn’t always the best option. Instead, filing a civil disability insurance lawsuit should be the last stage in a long term disability insurance  claim, a time-consuming and expensive process that hopefully won’t ever need to be reached. The more comprehensive your long term disability claim packet is at your initial application or during the appeal process, the more likely you are to begin to receive disability insurance benefits without having to file a lawsuit.

At Dell & Schaefer, our experienced attorneys are adept at reviewing long term disability insurance claim files, spotting any inconsistencies or areas that require more clarification, and submitting a refreshed packet that clearly shows the claimant’s entitlement to disability insurance benefits under a Chubb policy. All we need to get started is a copy of your long term disability insurance policy and a copy of the denial letter (if your initial claim for benefits has already been denied). Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about the services we offer or to set up your FREE consultation today.

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