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What to Know About Applying for Lloyds of London Disability Benefits

Lloyds of London is often most well known as an excess disability carrier because they insure some of the most famous clients in the world of sports and entertainment. For this reason, Lloyds of London policies are unlike any other type of long term disability policy in the disability insurance business. At Dell & Schaefer, we’ve gained years of experience in handling Lloyds of London long term disability claims and can help you navigate the ins and outs of this unusual policy. Read on for some tips and tricks to boost your odds of disability claim approval.

Applying for Disability Benefits Under a Lloyds of London Policy

Lloyds of London, like many long term disability policies, generally provides benefits under an “own occupation” definition of disability. This means that, for a specified period of time set out in the policy’s term, Lloyds of London will pay out long term disability benefits if the claimant is unable to perform the basic duties of their current occupation. This is a more generous standard than the “any occupation” definition of disability, which will pay out benefits only if the claimant is unable to perform any job.

However, some Lloyds of London long term disability policies will pay out benefits only if the disability is permanent or at least semi-permanent in nature. Someone who breaks their arm or is undergoing cancer treatment may not be able to qualify for benefits unless this condition is likely to last more than six months.

Handling Claims With a Third Party Administrator

Because Lloyds of London handles so many different types of insurance, it’s simply not efficient for it to administer its own benefits. Instead, it outsources these claims to a third party benefits administrator. This can streamline the process by allowing claimants to communicate with benefits administrators who handle these types of claims on a full-time basis.

On the other hand, these administrators aren’t necessarily well-versed in the ins and outs of a particular claimant’s policy, and outsourcing claims for long term disability benefits to those who might not be qualified to handle them can result in unsupported or unjust denials. Having a experienced disability insurance attorney assist you throughout the long term disability process can improve your chances of a quick approval and ensure that Lloyds of London is giving your disability claim file the attention it deserves.

Your Medical Records Must Look Good on Paper

No matter how apparent your disability may seem, your claim for long term disability benefits is only as good as it looks on paper. If you don’t have adequate medical evidence to support your disability claim, your request for benefits is likely to be denied. And in some cases, even if you have medical records showing your history of doctor’s visits and procedures, if these records aren’t in the form Lloyds of London is looking for (or doesn’t use the “magic language” Lloyds of London uses to establish a disability), you may receive a denial letter.

An attorney with experience in handling long term disability claims, including claims against Lloyds of London, can help comb through your medical file and fill in any deficiencies or infirmities. The more complete your medical file is when you apply for long term disability benefits, the greater your odds of approval. Let Dell & Schaefer help – just get in touch with us today to schedule your FREE consultation with one of our firm’s attorneys.

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