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Gregory Dell discusses the disability claim challenges that disability insurance claimants face as they continue to work while trying to manage their medical condition. Attorney Dell provides tips to put yourself in the best position to get your short or long term disability claim approved.

One of the top reasons for a disability insurance denial is due to a preexisting condition. Long term disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup explain what a pre-existing condition is in a disability insurance claim and provide some tips on how to prevent a pre-existing condition disability benefits denial.

Be very careful about taking any of your employer provided retirement benefits while seeking disability insurance benefits. It is possible that your retirement benefits could offset your entire monthly disability benefit. Watch this video to understand the potential offsets if you take retirement benefits.

Long term disability lawyers Stephen Jessup and Gregory Dell provide helpful tips for any individual that has been denied long term disability benefits. Dell Disability Lawyers have helped thousands of long term disability insurance claimants to win their long term disability insurance appeals.

Bankruptcy is something that claimants consider as a result of being unable to work and disability insurance claim denial. When filing for bankruptcy you are required to identify all sources of income, and disability insurance benefits have been considered a source of income even if you are not being paid.

Long term disability lawyers Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss how long term disability insurance companies will interpret the definition of “Your occupation”. We explain how disability insurance companies will minimize the duties of your occupation to the point where if you can sit in a chair, then they think you can work. We discuss […]

It is important to know the first steps to take if you are dealing with a Voya Financial Disability Insurance Denial. Long-term disability benefit lawyers Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss Voya Long Term Disability claims and denials. If Voya has denied your claim we can help plan your next steps.

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