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At Dell Disability Lawyers, we’ve helped thousands of long term disability claimants successfully appeal denials of their claims – and one of the most common reasons for these claim denials involves video surveillance. Even if you’ve never noticed an insurance representative lurking around your house, video surveillance of claimants is so common that it’s not […]

Disability insurance attorneys Stephen Jessup and Gregory Dell discuss the importance of understanding the “definition of disability” in your long term disability policy. It’s very common for long term disability claims to be denied due to the definition of disability changing from own occupation to any occupation. We discuss steps you can take to prevent […]

Disability insurance attorney Alex Palamara discusses the basic initial things you must do if your long term disability benefits have been denied by United HealthCare. If you have been denied, our disability insurance lawyers offer an immediate free phone consultation and review of your disability benefit denial.

To prevent a long term disability denial, we want you to understand how important it is to follow your doctors suggestions. The disability insurance companies are only looking for one reason to deny your long term disability benefits. Make sure your doctor is recommending everything possible to treat and diagnose your medical condition(s).

Symetra’s share of the long term disability insurance industry has grown significantly. Symetra is a subsidiary of the multi billion dollar Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. Disability insurance lawyers Alex Palamara and Gregory Dell provide some tips on how to handle a Symetra disability benefit denial. We encourage you to contact us for a phone consultation […]

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