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In this video, disability insurance attorneys Rachel Alters and Gregory Dell discuss a California Federal Court decision in which a SunLife disability insurance denial was reversed. The SunLife policy holder suffering from Fibromyalgia was on claim for 5 years when SunLife abruptly decided the claimant could return to work.

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Sun Life) was recently served with two lawsuits by two different Plaintiffs for the wrongful denial of disability benefits.

In Jacqueline J. Vs Sun Life Insurance Company, the Plaintiff seeks reinstatement of short term disability benefit payments and payment of long term disability benefit payments that she is entitled to. This lawsuit, filed with the help of her Texas Disability Attorney, was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of […]

A Nevada disability attorney recently filed a federal lawsuit in Nevada against Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Sun Life) to recover long-term disability benefits. The Plaintiff, Nancy H., worked as a graphic artist and was covered by a group long-term disability insurance policy issued by Sun Life to Plaintiff’s employer, Clark County School District […]

In the case of Pamela D. Porter v. Sun Life and Health Insurance Company, the court record shows that Pamela Porter applied for long-term disability benefits under an employee benefits plan that was maintained by Los Padres Bank for its employees and was awarded disability benefits for over three years. Said plan was underwritten by […]

After receiving benefits for 24 months, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada decided to terminate the long term disability benefits being paid to a woman formerly employed by Westminister Services, Inc. With the help of her Florida disability attorney, the Plaintiff filed an ERISA lawsuit to recover these wrongfully denied benefits.

The declining state of Charles Smoot’s health came to the point at which it became necessary for him to file a Sun Life disability insurance claim through his employer provided disability plan. Mr. Smoot’s claim was denied and his West Virginia disability lawyer filed an ERISA lawsuit against Sun Life in the United States District […]

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