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Disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss why New York Life denies disability insurance benefits when your definition of disability changes from your occupation to any occupation. We provide some tips to prepare for the change of definition so that you can avoid disability denial.

If you’re applying for long term disability insurance benefits from New York Life, you may be concerned about having your claim denied—and then having to go through the lengthy appeal process in order to secure your disability insurance benefits. there’s no one-size-fits-all application that will guarantee that a particular claimant’s benefits will be approved, but […]

At Dell & Schaefer, our experienced nationwide network of attorneys has extensive experience in handling New York Life/Cigna disability insurance claims, and we’ve noticed that these claims tend to follow one of two paths. If an applicant has a detailed, comprehensive medical history that clearly documents that their disabling condition arose after they began coverage under a […]

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