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CEO, CFO & Director Long Term Disability Benefit Claim Tips

If you work as a CEO, CFO, or Director in a company, no matter how large or small, and are considering a short term or long term insurance disability claim, it is important to learn what steps you can take, and learn how insurance companies view your occupation under your group disability plan. As a practical matter, most occupations as a CEO or Executive are not the same. It will depend upon what company you work for, the job description (which could be out of date) and what industry you are working in, and it is important that insurance companies understand these variances.

The insurance companies would rather take a “one-size fits all” approach to the demands of your occupation as a CEO, Executive, or Director, and often make generalizations about your occupational duties. Most group short term and long term disability plans will view your occupation as it is performed in the national economy, and not look closely at all the physical and mental demands of your actual job with your employer.

Establishing regular care with your treating physician and being able to provide medical support for why your condition interferes with your ability to perform, and sustain, one or more of the essential duties of your occupation is crucial. If you have a chronic medical condition but were able to work in your occupation for perhaps months or even years, the insurance company will question what “changed” in terms of your medical condition to pursue a long term disability claim rather than keep working with debilitating symptoms.

You can search our website and learn much more information about your disability insurance company and the process of obtaining long term disability benefits. Through our experience of having represented hundreds of CEOs, CFOs, and Directors we know what to expect and know how to prepare to help.

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