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Trustmark Benefits Disability Claim Overview & Legal Tips

Unlike some disability insurance carriers that specialize in long term disability policies, Trustmark Benefits also offers other insurance products like cancer insurance, critical care insurance, and short term disability insurance. This diversity can make navigating a Trustmark Benefits disability claim a little more challenging. Learn some more about what a claimant can typically expect when appealing or litigating a long term disability claim against Trustmark Benefits.

Trustmark is Hands-On in Handling Disability Claims

Trustmark is far smaller than many other long term disability insurance carriers, and gives off far more of a “mom and pop” vibe. It’s not unusual for Trustmark to meet with the disability claimant one or more times while the claim is being processed, and Trustmark’s disability claim representatives will request extensive records and go through the disability insurance claimant’s file and medical history with a fine-toothed comb. In some cases, Trustmark may even invest in some video surveillance of the disability insurance claimant for a few days to see whether the insurance claimant is as disabled as their application suggests.

You Must Be Extremely Cautious When Trustmark Requests an In-Person Meeting

Trustmark likes to schedule what it calls “fact-finding hearings,” a face-to-face interaction with a disability insurance claimant (and, hopefully, the claimant’s attorney) to provide a status update, follow up on any questions or points of clarification, and explain the presumptive next steps in the claims resolution process. Though this meeting is billed as informational, it tends to be far more informational for Trustmark than it is for the claimant.

It’s easy for disability insurance claimants to get caught unaware during these meetings. Trustmark’s long term disability representatives are very personable and easy to talk to, and many claimants may find themselves undercutting their own disability insurance  claim through their responses to the Trustmark representative’s skilled, subtle questioning. It’s important to remember that each question has a purpose, and if a Trustmark representative asks you about a specific activity and you don’t respond truthfully or try to minimize your prior actions, they’ll almost certainly catch the lie. This can cast doubt on the contents of your disability application, even if the rest of your claims are truthful.

Trustmark Often Settles Disability Claims Out of Court

Litigation is risky and often expensive. To avoid the prospect of losing a long term disability insurance  lawsuit and being ordered to immediately pay a large amount in past-due benefits, Trustmark Benefit will often negotiate with disability claimants to settle the claim out of court. The disability insurance settlement offer is usually based on the present value of future disability claim payments. Settlement can be a win-win for all sides; instead of having this ongoing obligation on their books for the foreseeable future, Trustmark can close the long term disability policy for good, while disability claimants will receive a lump sum of money with which to pay medical bills, make home repairs, or even retrain for a new career.

When it comes to negotiating your disability insurance  claim with a long term disability insurance carrier, experience matters. At Dell & Schaefer, our national network of disability attorneys has the connections and expertise to manage disability claims involving any of dozens of different companies, including Trustmark Benefit. Get in touch with us today to set up your FREE consultation with an experienced disability attorney who will explain the options available under your Trustmark disability policy.

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