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Cigna Denies Disability Insurance Claim After Paying for 20 Years

Cigna Insurance company, also known as Life Insurance Company of North America recently denied a 60 year old woman that was on claim for 20 years.

This woman was denied after Cigna sent her for examination by a psychologist and a neuropsychologist. The woman was approved for Social Security disability benefits and continues to receive SSDI benefits.

The monthly benefit payable by Cigna each month was $1,100. It is hard to understand how Cigna can tell a 60 year old woman with significant mental limitations that she now has the capacity to return to working 40 hours a week. This woman is now forced to submit an ERISA appeal and possibly a lawsuit if she does not win her appeal.

It is sad that after 20 years of receiving disability insurance benefits that a claimant still needs to be worried that their disability benefits can be denied.

Unfortunately, most disability claimants don’t realize that a disability insurance company has the right to deny disability benefits at anytime. This woman only had another 5 years of benefits remaining until her policy terminated.

Our disability attorneys beleive that this Cigna Disability Claim was wrongfully denied and we are committed to helping this woman have her benefits reinstated as soon as possible.

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