In this video Attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss Cognitive Dysfunction Disorders in Long Term Disability Claims. The symptoms of cognitive impairment range from memory loss and slowed thinking skills to confusion and poor concentration. There are many factors that would cause or contribute to a disability insurance claimant to have issues with their cognitive functioning. Watch this video to learn about neuropsychological testing for cognitive deficits and what role testing plays in a disability insurance claim.

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It is a misconception that a disability insurance company must give weight to a favorable social security decision. The fact is, a disability insurance company does not have to be deferential to social security’s determination. However, it is in your best interest to ensure that the supportive evidence in the social security file submitted is received by the disability insurance company before the final appeal decision is made. Watch this video to learn more.

In this video Attorneys Gregory Dell & Rachel Alters discuss the process of filing an ERISA lawsuit with Prudential. For an ERISA lawsuit to be filed there is first a timeline of claim deadlines, and if you don’t file within that deadline, the Court can dismiss your case on the basis that the Statute of Limitations has expired. Watch this video to learn more about the ERISA process, deadlines, and terminology.

In this video Attorneys Gregory Dell & Victor Peña discuss a recent court decision in which the Illinois District court placed no significance on treating physician’s silence to biased opinion letter. The courts also criticized United of Omaha for failing to obtain independent examinations.

Disability insurance attorneys Cesar Gavidia and Gregory Dell stress the importance of strong medical support from a treating doctor. Lack of support from a treating doctor will result in the denial of long term disability benefits. The support of every doctor is essential throughout the duration of the disability claim and not just when submitting an application for benefits. Unfortunately most doctors only want to treat patients and they don’t want to deal with claim forms from insurance companies. Continue reading

In Jarillo v. Reliance Standard Life Ins. Co., Judge Michael M. Anello of the United States District Court of the Southern District of California held that plaintiff Marife Jarillo met her burden of proof and was entitled to benefits under the ERISA. For about eight years, Jarillo worked in the marketing department of the Sycuan Band of The Kumeyaay Nation (a federally recognized Native American tribe located near San Diego). In 2010, Jarillo injured her back at work while attempting to lift a heavy box.
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A medical diagnosis and medical records are needed to inform the insurance company of your medical condition. Just as important is documentation from your doctor to communicate the extent of your condition. In this video, attorney Gregory Dell & Stephen Jessup discuss how important it is to have a complete medical review and documentation to support your disability insurance claim.

California Court overturns Hartford’s denial of long term disability to plaintiff who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and awards benefits without remand.

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