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Former CVS Pharmacy Employee Sues Unum Life Insurance Company Claiming Underpayment of Disability Benefits

The lawsuit of Jill Krongrad v CVS Pharmacy, Inc. & UNUM Life Insurance Company of America, was recently filed at the Circuit Court for Baltimore County by the plaintiff’s Maryland disability attorney.

The plaintiff, a former employee of CVS Pharmacy, Inc. was also suffering from severe lower back problem and was incapable of working. However the plaintiff’s disagreement with CVS Pharmacy, Inc. & UNUM Life was more to do with the under reporting of her base salary and the numbers of hours worked per week by the plaintiff. This resulted in the plaintiff receiving a lower amount of disability benefits payment than what she is actually entitled to.

Although disability insurance companies are quick to demand payment in case of overpayments of benefits, the same cannot be said about them underpaying a claim. It is not uncommon to see disputes regarding the correct amount of disability benefits that a claimant should be receiving each month. These disputes are usually resolved by a Judge based upon a reasonable interpretation of the language contained within the claimant’s disability policy. While this case was filed by a Maryland attorney in state court, it will likely be removed to Federal court once Unum receives notification of the lawsuit.

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