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Unum Disability Claim Tips to Prevent Disability Benefit Denial

What does it take for your Unum long term disability benefits to continue for as long as you need them? In a recent video with disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia we provide many tips to help you avoid a Unum disability benefit denial.

In our video we discuss the following:

  1. Tips to Prevent a Unum Long Term Disability Benefit Denial

  2. Your medical records must document your complaints and limitations.

  3. Keep notes or a pain journal of your complaints and make sure your doctor includes in medical notes.

  4. The Unum claimant statement has traps and you must complete it carefully.

  5. Unum will review all of your social media profiles so limit it as much as possible.

  6. Always be prepared and honest when speaking with Unum. You may not need to speak with them on phone.

A lot of people are lead to believe that if Unum approves their disability claim then the benefits will continue for as long as you need them. The reality is that Unum is always trying to get a claimant back to work as soon as possible. Return to work equates to no payments for Unum and higher profits for Unum. Every month the Unum claim person assigned to your claim must approve or deny your claim for benefits.

There are many strategies that you can take to protect your benefits and we discuss of them in the above video. The strategies vary in every case because of your specific medical condition, the support of your treating doctors, your work experience and the language in your Unum disability policy. If you have any concerns about the continuous payment of your Unum disability benefits, then please contact any of our disability insurance lawyers for a free immediate consultation to discuss your Unum claim. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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