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After Cigna and other disability insurance companies deny your claim, you should contact a disability lawyer to submit an appeal that covers all issues with your claim. Attorneys Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia have noticed a common theme in the long-term disability insurance denials from insurance companies, including Cigna, otherwise known as LINA Life Insurance […]

There are many reasons to file a strong appeal to the Reliance Standard insurance company. Every disability insurance policy holder needs to know how to strengthen their claim in the event it is denied and a lawsuit must be filed. GREG DELL: Hi, I’m Greg Dell, here with attorney Alex Palamara. And Alex, I want […]

When it comes to long term disability insurance, claims often end in denial by companies such as Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. This leaves disabled policyholders with few options for moving on with their lives. But a recent case out of Oklahoma Federal Court is a reminder that victory is entirely possible for the claimant. […]

As one of the largest long term disability insurance companies in the world, Unum is in a unique position to offer policy features that its rivals don’t. Specifically, it’s one of the only providers that engage in what is known as a lump sum disability buyout. What that means for policyholders can be complicated, as […]

When a court of law weighs in on a denied disability benefit, it can go either way. This was especially true with a recent Unum disability claim denial in which a woman suddenly lost her benefits after receiving them for nine years. Fortunately, the judge ruled in favor of the disabled beneficiary in this case […]

An Aetna disability policy holder suffering from a brain injury gets her denial overturned on appeal. Aetna claimed our client did not have post-concussive syndrome that’s affected their ability to work. After an appeal filed by Attorneys Dell & Schafer showed a few things that Aetna got wrong, her denial was reversed. ATTORNEY ALEXANDER PALAMARA: […]

Ms. Dana Kysztofiak worked as a Clinical Coordination Manager for HomeCare Maryland LLC. She was a registered nurse who stopped working in 2016 because of pain and other issues related to psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. She claimed disability benefits through an ERISA plan with Boston Mutual Life Insurance Co. beginning December 29, 2016. Approximately four […]

Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer has handled thousands of Appeals against UNUM. Learn what the most important thing a UNUM policy holder needs to know before filing an appeal. GREGORY DELL: Hi, I’m attorney Greg Dell here with attorney Stephen Jessup. And we want to talk about Unum appeals, some of the dos and […]

Fredrick Smith worked as a plant manager for Charles Craft, Inc. in North Carolina. He held that position since 1970, but he was forced to leave by 2013 due to a series of strokes and heart problems. Smith applied for disability benefits with Reliance Standard under his employer’s ERISA plan. At first, Reliance paid benefits, […]

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