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Disability insurance companies will call your treating doctor to discuss your disability insurance claim. Your doctor might not be prepared for the call and may say something that is detrimental to your disability benefits claim. You should tell your doctor to not speak with the insurance company. They should ask the disability insurance company to […]

Disability insurance attorney Gregory Dell discusses the difference between total and residual disability. The disability insurance companies might argue that a claimant is residually disabled and does not qualify for total disability. We have dealt with this issue a lot. Attorney Dell provides some tips for long term disability approval and discusses the problems that […]

Long term disability attorney Gregory Dell has helped thousands of people with back disorders to obtain long term disability benefits. In this video Attorney Dell discusses what you should expect in a back disorder disability claim and provides tips for proving you are disabled due to a back disorder. Greg addresses the following questions: 1) […]

At Dell & Schaefer, we’ve been contacted by many disability claimants whose claims have been denied. Over the years, we’ve seen just about every possible basis for a disability benefit denial – and one of the most frequently-seen reasons involves the disability insurance carrier’s paper review and independent medical exam or evaluation (IME). Below, learn […]

It is common for a disability insurance company to deny long term disability benefits when a person is transitioning from short to long term disability benefits. Many people are led to believe that if they were approved for STD then their LTD will automatically be approved.

If you’ve recently received a denial letter from Mutual of Omaha on your claim for long term disability insurance benefits, you may be worried and wondering about your next steps. Fortunately, the appeal process can present one of the best opportunities to resolve your claim for benefits. Read on for some legal tips that may […]

Reliance Standard is one of the biggest names in the group long term disability (LTD) insurance world. Even though it’s a major player in the insurance industry, it deals with the same problems as other insurance companies – including high employee turnover and inadequate training. Because of this, Reliance Standard’s disability insurance claim denial decisions […]

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