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In Damon Zaeske v. Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston, Zaeske stopped working on April 4, 2014, due to chronic back pain. His initial application for long-term disability benefits was approved with the caveat that his medical condition would be subject to periodic evaluation. He began receiving benefits on July 6, 2014. In late October […]

Three Plaintiffs filed lawsuits in the Federal Courts of Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Arkansas against Liberty Life Assurance Company Of Boston (Liberty) for the improper denial of long-term disability benefits. All three cases allege that Liberty wrongfully withheld the payment of long-term disability benefits as defined by their respective policies.

Jannette Neal filed a lawsuit against Hartford Life Group Insurance Company in the United States District Court of the Western District of Arkansas, challenging the insurer’s decision to deny her long-term disability benefits. As a result of a lack of medical support from her treating physicians, Ms. Neal’s denial of disability benefits by Hartford was […]

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