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A lawsuit was filed by the Plaintiff against the Standard Insurance Company (Standard) in the United States District Court for the wrongful denial of long term disability benefits as promised under the terms of a long term disability employee benefit plan that was sponsored by Plaintiff’s employer, CSC Covansys Corporation (Covansys). In Mildred L Vs […]

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Sun Life) was recently served with two lawsuits by two different Plaintiffs for the wrongful denial of disability benefits.

The Plaintiff, suffering from cervical disc herniation and other ailments, has filed this lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company of America (Unum) for its abrupt termination of the Plaintiff’s long term disability benefits. Plaintiff was entitled to these benefits based on his employment as an automobile salesperson with John Bleakley Ford, Inc. This lawsuit was […]

A disability attorney in the state of Georgia recently filed a lawsuit against the Prudential Insurance Company of America in the Gainesville Division of the United States District Court. The plaintiff, Robert Lucas, is seeking payment of the remainder of his short-term disability benefits followed by long-term disability benefits from Prudential Insurance Company of America […]

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