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For approximately 8 months, Teresa Perez was unable to perform the material duties of her occupation at Billing, Cochran, Heath, Lyles, & Mauro, P.A. due to a condition called Neurocardiogenic Syncope. As a result, Ms. Perez submitted a claim for long-term disability benefit payments to Unum Life Insurance Company of America (Unum), the long-term disability insurance company that issued the group long-term disability plan to her place of employment. Ms. Perez submitted all the necessary documentation to substantiate her claim for long-term disability benefit payments to be paid to her between July 31, 2008 and March of 2009. However, Unum decided to deny Ms. Perez’s claim for disability benefit payments.

Ms. Perez ended up exhausting all for administrative remedies with Unum. That led her to seek the aid of a Florida disability attorney in order to file an ERISA lawsuit against Unum in United States District Court in the Middle District of Florida Tampa Division.
Had Unum approved Ms. Perez’s long-term disability benefit claim, she would have received a sum of money every month pursuant to the terms of the long-term disability plan for meeting the definition of “disabled” according to the terms of the plan since her Neurocardiogenic Syncope prevented her from working with reasonable continuity and from performing the material duties of her occupation.
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