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Disability Attorneys Discuss Doctors and Their Tendency to Hide Their Disabling Medical Condition

In this video, attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup talk about the difficulties doctors often face when applying for disability benefits. Many doctors are hesitant to admit they have a disabling condition. They fear it may affect their ability to sell their medical practice. They are also concerned about what may happen if patients discover their doctor has medical problems.

To keep their medical condition hidden, doctors may either self-treat or seek informal treatment from a peer. The result is that when they finally do apply for disability benefits, there are no medical records documenting any medical treatment for a disabling condition.

When faced with this challenge, we evaluate the doctor’s insurance policy. It is common for doctors to add a “Residual or Partial Disability” rider to their disability policy. This allows us to file a claim for partial disability so the doctor can continue his medical practice, but either cut back on some of his occupational duties or work a reduced schedule. Then, when a time comes when the doctor can no longer safely perform the occupational duties of the medical practice, he or she can transition into a claim for total disability benefits.

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