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Disability Attorneys Talk About Large Disability Insurers and How They Process a Claim

In this video, Attorneys Gregory Dell and Victor Peña discuss trends with Disability Insurance companies. Insurers across the country seem to be getting stricter with their evaluation of claims. They are conducting more field interviews, more independent medical exams (IMEs), and using video surveillance. The goal seems to be to deny as many claims as possible. The more people a company has on claim, the less profit there is to the insurance company.

Unum, the oldest insurance company in America, is using long and extensive denial letters in an attempt to make it seem difficult to challenge. Other companies, particularly Cigna, seem to have a policy of denying initial claims. They take advantage of every level to deny a claim in order to discourage and delay the award of disability benefits. At Dell & Schaefer, we work diligently to present enough medical information so that we may be able to avoid the deny and delay tactic.

Even those who have been on claim for many years are not immune from having an insurer suddenly terminate benefits. This happens more often in companies that have a frequent turn-over of personnel. The new employee orders an IME. Since IME doctors are known for saying what the insurer wants them to say, the claim is denied.

We make sure that treating physicians respond to IME reports and to document reviews of doctors who are hired by insurers. If there is no response, insurers deny claims, using as a reason that the treating physician never responded to the IME or reviewing reports, so the reports must be accurate.

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