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Psychologist & Psychiatrist Disability Insurance Claim Tips

Attorneys Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss disability claims for Psychiatrists and Psychologists. Insurance companies will minimize the physical and mental demands of your occupation. Psychiatrists and Psychologists have to be laser-focused every day to treat patients effectively. It is a tremendous responsibility and incredibly stressful. Sitting in a chair and listening all day does not capture the demands of your occupation. However, insurance companies may think otherwise.

Your physician is charged with care, not providing disability paperwork. It is therefore crucial that you explain all of the demands of your occupation, mentally and physically and work with your physician to explain how your health condition prevents you from performing or sustaining work. You may also have a chronic condition but continue to work. The insurance company will question what changed to merit a disability claim. Preparing for disability or preparing an appeal requires strategy. Our disability lawyers can help in preparing medical and occupational evidence to win your disability claim.

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