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Manager Long Term Disability Benefit Claim Tips from Lawyers

Attorneys Gregory Dell and Rachel Alters discuss the occupation of a Manager and provide tips to win your disability benefits. A manager is a broadly defined occupation depending on your industry, how many people you manage, and what physical and mental demands are required on a daily basis. Insurance companies will want to take a very singular approach in defining the job demands of a manager. They may ignore or overlook many of your job duties. It is important for you and your physician to explain all your job duties and how your medical condition prevents you from performing one or more of those duties. By documenting these conversations with your physician and making it part of your medical records will give you the best chance of being approved for disability benefits.

What should a manager expect in a long term disability benefit claim? It is essential to properly present the actual duties that you were performing as a manager. How much medical support does a manager need in order to get approved for disability? Why is ERISA a challenging law that governs the disability policy of most managers?

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