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The Plaintiff, suffering from cervical disc herniation and other ailments, has filed this lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company of America (Unum) for its abrupt termination of the Plaintiff’s long term disability benefits. Plaintiff was entitled to these benefits based on his employment as an automobile salesperson with John Bleakley Ford, Inc. This lawsuit was […]

Richard R. and his Illinois disability attorney filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Illinois on December 9, 2010 against his employer and AETNA Life Insurance Company for long term disability benefits. A Weston Engineering Inc. employee since July 6, 2009, Richard R., a headache sufferer since he was a teenager, complained to his family […]

Liberty Life claimant Douglas W. and his North Carolina disability attorney filed a lawsuit against Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston to enforce Douglas’ right to disability benefits under the Employee Retirement Insurance Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) as allowed by 29 U.S.C. §1132.

Recently, a federal lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court of Florida against CIGNA Life Insurance Company (CIGNA) by a Florida disability lawyer. The Plaintiff, Robert L., was an employee at L-3 Communications Corporation (L-3), which contracted with CIGNA to provide salary continuance disability insurance benefits to its employees. The Plaintiff was eligible and […]

A disability insurance lawsuit was recently filed at the District Court for the District Of Massachusetts by a Massachusetts disability attorney for a former employee of the Diebold Incorporated against the Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential) concerning a claim for disability benefits under the Diebold Incorporated Long Term Disability Plan.

Disability Insurance Companies are no strangers to lawsuits. Hence, it is not uncommon to find Disability Insurance Companies sometimes facing multiple lawsuits in a single week. In fact, during the fourth week of May 2011, the CIGNA Group Insurance (CIGNA) had three lawsuits filed against it by individuals who were dissatisfied with the way CIGNA […]

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