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The case of Smith v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (Reliance) demonstrates the length disability insurance companies will go to avoid paying benefits to claimants. It began in 2013 when Fredrick Smith, who had been plant manager at Charles Craft, Inc. since the 1970s, experienced a series of strokes and suffered from heart problems. These […]

Richard R. and his Illinois disability attorney filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Illinois on December 9, 2010 against his employer and AETNA Life Insurance Company for long term disability benefits. A Weston Engineering Inc. employee since July 6, 2009, Richard R., a headache sufferer since he was a teenager, complained to his family […]

An Illinois disability attorney and his client, Joan W. filed a lawsuit against Aetna Life Insurance Company on October 27, 2011 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division for the insurer’s unlawful actions in regards to the claimant employee’s disability benefits calculations. Joan W., a 49-year-old Illinois woman, […]

Employed as an Actuary for some 20 years by Milliman, Inc. Deborah G., through her Illinois disability attorney filed a lawsuit against Standard Insurance Company for the insurer’s failure to provide her with her entitled disability benefits. Considered an employee benefits plan, Deborah G.’s Standard Life disability benefits were denied to her after she was […]

Claimants for disability benefits under employee welfare benefits issued or administered by the Prudential Insurance Company (Prudential), recently took up legal action against Prudential in Florida, Illinois and Michigan due to its failure and refusal to pay three different claimants their disability benefits. We will discuss three cases filed against Prudential in the past week.

An Illinois disability attorney recently filed a lawsuit against the Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA) at the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. In Deborah Shepherd Vs. Life Insurance Company Of North America, A Cigna Company, the plaintiff Deborah Shepherd alleged that LINA acted with specific bias and contrary to the […]

Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential) finds itself in court having to defend against two separate lawsuits for denying long-term disability benefit payments to two different claimants. Richard Timms of Minnesota filed an ERISA lawsuit against Prudential with the help of his Minnesota disability lawyer in United States District Court in the District of Minnesota […]

Recently, four separate lawsuits were filed at the District Court level against the UNUM Life Insurance Company of America (UNUM) by plaintiffs all over the country. Lawsuits were by disability insurance lawyers in the states of Florida, Illinois Alabama, and South Carolina. The civil actions were instituted against UNUM seeking the recovery of benefits under […]

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