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The Plaintiff, Anthony B., has filed a lawsuit against the Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (Reliance) for the wrongful termination of ERISA welfare benefits. This was done through his Alabama disability lawyer in the United States District Court of Alabama. In Anthony B. vs. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, the Plaintiff is suing Reliance to […]

Recently, three separate lawsuits were filed in California and Alabama against Unum Life Insurance Company of America for the improper termination or denial of long term disability benefits. For each of these individuals, the lawsuits, which were filed with the help of their respective disability lawyers, was their final hope to a just outcome after […]

In Wesley M Vs. Unum Life Insurance Company of America and Bastion Technologies, Inc., the Plaintiff seeks the disability benefits that were wrongfully denied to him by the Defendants. The lawsuit was filed with the assistance of the plaintiff’s Alabama Disability Attorney.

An Alabama disability attorney recently filed a federal lawsuit against the Provident Life And Accident Insurance Company. The Plaintiff worked as a self-employed board-certified physician of internal medicine for over 30 years in Birmingham, Alabama. Plaintiff had previously purchased two long-term disability insurance policies from Provident. The Plaintiff filed a disability lawsuit to recover over […]

Disability Insurance Companies are no strangers to lawsuits. Hence, it is not uncommon to find Disability Insurance Companies sometimes facing multiple lawsuits in a single week. In fact, during the fourth week of May 2011, the CIGNA Group Insurance (CIGNA) had three lawsuits filed against it by individuals who were dissatisfied with the way CIGNA […]

Recently, four separate lawsuits were filed at the District Court level against the UNUM Life Insurance Company of America (UNUM) by plaintiffs all over the country. Lawsuits were by disability insurance lawyers in the states of Florida, Illinois Alabama, and South Carolina. The civil actions were instituted against UNUM seeking the recovery of benefits under […]

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